Some Of The Most Trendy Korean Beauty Looks Worn By Your Favorite Idols Like Dahyun


As we all know, everybody is falling for K-drama beauty today. Many new things are happening in the beauty space right now, but thanks to all your favorite stars, who always keep you up to date. Here, you can find some of fall’s hottest beauty trends and how to wear them as worn by your favorite stars!

Cool-Toned, Smokey Eyes 

Makeup becomes darker and smoky during the winter or cold months, and the jisoo of BLACKPINK proves that winter is no exception. We have seen warm, patchy looks popular for years, but now it’s time to make some changes and cool-toned take a moment. Jisco looks fantastic in purple-leaning eyes with a smudgy dark liner look, and then she tries out that look without going full-on gray.

Ultra – Fushed And Lifted Blush

The looks you create on a chilly, windy day just can’t be beat, and that’s precisely what Joy’s is trying to emulate. She wore dark red lipstick with this look, though it looked terrifying in the pan; this is the key to achieving this look. She carries a more neutral pink color to mesh it all together.

Inner Corner Liner 

We generally use eyeliner to elongate the outer eye, which is a classic makeup trick, but do you know that the same can be done to the inner corner for some more oomph? Dahyun has been rocking this look for a while. You can take black or brown pencil liner and carefully extend the line from your top lash through the inner corner and below to your lower lash line.


Toned Down Alegysal

Aegyo Sal has been a crucial part of the Korean makeup style and probably always will be. Lately, the approach has been more pared-back. Years ago, artists used to pile on shimmer and sparkle, but now the Aegyo Sal is carefully applied and highlighted with a subtle matte or satin eyeshadow. The result comes after this, which is long-lasting and stays for a long time.

Blurred, Overlined Lips 

At present, overlining is taking the space by storm, while before, people preferred to have a hazy, blurred lip line in K-drama main Stray. The K-drama beauty is more focused on overlining the center of the lips, as shown in Aesop’s Giselle. Adding gloss to the top and an overlined lip gives an ultra-plump pout.

Stay tuned with us for the latest updates and news about all this stuff.

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