Blackpink Jennie And Yeonjun Favorite Trending Winter Styles For This Winter Season!

Blackpink Jennie And Yeonjun Favorite Trending Winter Styles For This Winter Season!

These cute animal ear hats have been in fashion for several seasons. But Yeonjun of TXT proves that these cute animal ear hats are still in trend. She carried that black hat in a more loose, understated shape for a slightly different style. Yeonjun looks pretty in these hats. Many other idols, too, look fabulous in this look. For those adept at DIY, many different patterns are available, so you can make your own.

Mohair Sweaters.

Blackpink Jennie

One of the significant winter styles that most idols and other people carry is a winter sweater. Mohair sweaters are the perfect way to add a twist to your style. Suppose you are blah when winter comes, then you should try to change the fabric and texture of your clothes. Hong Eunchae of LES SERAFIM styled herself with this beautiful mohair sweater, which gave her a classy look. This adds interest to what could otherwise be a pretty plain outfit.

Babushuka Scarves

The Babushakha scarf is a style that is worn tied below your chin. This scarf can serve many different purposes. You can use it to cover your hair so it doesn’t get blown around in the wind. This scarf protects your ears and keeps them warm. Irene of Red Velvet is wearing this style with a tie scarf under the chin. But you can get this look with another scarf, too.

Blackpink Jennie Favorite Style: Leather Jackets.

Blackpink Jennie

Leather jackets always look classic and trendy as soon as winter arrives. Many big idols carry this style every winter. This is one of the best choices for every other celebrity wardrobe. Jennie from BLACKPINK is wearing this little bit more of a fitted look compared to oversized jackets last year.

Cropped cuts also look perfect with this for those who have slightly warmer winters. Combine your leather jackets with a shearing interior for an ultra-style look.

Puffer Scarves

Blackpink Jennie

Scarves are perfect for every winter. They keep your ears and neck warm. They also protect your hair. This puffer scarf is made up of material-life puffer coats; these are super warm. You can check TWICE’s Jihyo and make your own choice of how you have to carry your puffer scarves.

Shearling Jackets

Blackpink Jennie

Shearling jackets are back for this winter in a big way. You can carry this shearling as a large piece, like a jacket, or even as a small piece, like a hat. You can add style to your looks by adding shearling. It’s super trendy and was recently carried by Ningning of Aespa. She wears this denim-sherling combo, which is perfect for those with mild winters.

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