The Top Two Brand Reputation Ranking Announced In November For K-Drama Actors: Namgoong Min And Ahn Eun Jin Are On The List

Namgoong Min And Ahn Eun Jin
Namgoong Min And Ahn Eun Jin

The brand reputation ranking for drama actors has been announced by the Korean business research institution for this month.

The rankings were determined by the data collected and analysis of media coverage, interaction, participation, and community indexes of 50 actors who recently worked in dramas that aired between October 7 and November 7.

The top two hit dramas of MBCMBC swept the top spots on this month’s list, where Namgoong Min and Ahn Eun Jin took first and second place, respectively. For topping the list, Namgoong Min scored a brand reputation index of 4,674,555, and Ahn Eun Jin scored 3,546,950 and remained in second place.

Namgoong Min’s catchwords for top ranking include “Ahn Eun Jin,” “rating,” and “master of romance,” while his full-ranking terms are “love” and “reunites.” Namgoong Min’s positivity and negativity analysis also revealed an 89.59% positive reaction score.

“Lee Yoo Mi,” currently starring in “Strong Girl Nomsoon,” is a close third with a brand reputation index of 3,425,074 for November.

Cha EunWoo, working in “A Good Day to Be a Dog,” took fourth place for the month with a brand reputation index of 2,743,745.

Namgoong Min And Ahn Eun Jin

Fifth place is taken by “Castaway Diva” Park Eun Bin, with a brand reputation index of 2,487,780.

You can check out the top 10 lists for this month!

  1. Namgoong Min
  2. Ahn Eun Jin 
  3. Lee Yoo Mi 
  4. Astro’s Cha Eun Woo 
  5. Park Eun Bin 
  6. Lee Da-In 
  7.  Hwang Jungs Eun 
  8.  Rawoon 
  9. Park Gyu Young
  10. Ong Seong Seok

Everyone has different choices, but the rankings come with a collection of the most-watched dramas with the most favorite characters in the month. So for now, this is it as the top brand reputation drama actors. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates.

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