Drama That Sheds Light On Mental Health And Provides Hope For All: Daily Dose Of Sunshine Reviews!

Daily Dose Of Sunshine
Daily Dose Of Sunshine

The recently aired Korean drama “Daily Dose of Sunshine” throws light on mental health issues in a rare, authentic way. In this drama, the main lead is played by Park Bo-young, who excellently performed as the psychiatrist nurse in the university department.

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  • Stunning actor Park Bo-young played the main character in ” Daily Dose of Sunshine.”
  • This show had a total of 12 episodes and was available on Netflix.
  • Bo-young played the nurse, Jung Da-Eun, who was transferred from the medicine department to the psychiatric department of the university department.

“We all live on the edge between normal and abnormal life situations.” We are suffering from some depression and stress in our real lives. This drama is based on such content where patients are dealing with some mental issues, and nurse Jung Da-eun, who was recently transferred to the psychiatric department, deals with some unexpected situations.

Da-eun is a kind-hearted and sensitive nurse, and she also has friends and colleagues.

By portraying the character of Da-eun, writers Lee Ra-hae and Lee Nam-kyu Oh Bo-hyun and Da-hee tried their best to shed light on the mental issues and complexities, the stigma associated with them, and why clinging on to “hope” is what makes every day unique.

In all the 12 episodes, Da-eun encounters many challenging and unexpected circumstances that test her patience and tenacity as a human and a nurse. The drama tries to raise the voice to highlight the different kind of mental health disorder, which includes post-traumatic stress disorder, suicide survivors, depression, and short-term delusions.

This provides a holistic approach while being sensitive to mental health. They also show the concerns and helplessness of families of mental health patients and how the families toll staff while they are dealing with their patients.

“Daily Dose of Sunshine” uses the prism of “empathy” instead of “sympathy,” which is the most exciting point of the drama; the show doesn’t just victimize mental health conditions. The writers of the drama handled sensitivity without compromising the main idea of spreading “hope” in times of distress. This drama doesn’t spread false hope, no sugar coatings.

Daily Dose Of Sunshine

Though the main focus of the drama is dealing with mental health, there is a love triangle between Da-eun and Dong Go-Yun( Yeon Woo-Jin), another doctor in a different unit, and her childhood friend, Song Yu-Chun (Jung Dong-yoo), that makes the drama a little bit more exciting and funny too.

As the name of the drama itself says, this is what the drama is dealing with. “Daily Dose of Sunshine,” just like the name, brings “hope and sunshine” on the dullest of days.

Park Bo-young played a fantastic role as Da-eun. The way she takes care of the patients and convinces their families to deal with that situation, she feels like a caregiver and is taken care of. The supporting co-actor also performs an excellent role and fits well with their characters.

The background score and short monologues help take the story forward. Could the pace of the show be better? Sure. But you will rarely find such shows on mental health, and “a daily dose of sunshine” indeed comes as a surprise.

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