Singer Jessi And Jay Park’s Music Label Reacted To Stop The Rumors Of Their Contract Termination 

Jessi And Jay Park
Jessi And Jay Park

Singers Jessi and Jay Park are in the news regarding rumors of their contract termination. But both directly disprove the statements made by fans and the media.

On December 6, it was reported by media houses that iconic K-pop soloist singer Jessi and Jay Park’s music label MORE VISION are thinking of the potential termination of their contract. They said they are discussing the matter and have no intentions to end the contract. 

After all these things happened, Jay Park shared a picture of himself with Jessi on his Instagram stories, writing, “Jessi and I are good; there is no need to worry.” There is no conflict among us.

Singer Jessi also reacted to these nonsense talks by posting on her Instagram stories, writing, “just arrived in NY… and woke up to this nonsense… You all need to get a real life. We are all good over here. Happy holidays, guys!”

Before signing the contract with MORE VISION, Jessi parted ways with P NATION after three years with the agency. After that, Jessi worked without agency for a while, and then Jessi joined Jay Park’s label MORE VISION in April of this year. Please stay connected with us for more information like this!

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