Choo Young Woo And Lim Ji YeonConfirmed To Join The Cast Of JTBC’S New Historical Drama “Tale Of Mrs.Ok”

Choo Young Woo And Lim Ji Yeon
Choo Young Woo And Lim Ji Yeon

The upcoming historical drama JTBC confirmed its main leads, Choo Young Woo and Lim Ji Yeon, on December 6.

“Tale of Mrs. Ok” is the story of a female attorney in the Joseon dynasty. Lim Ji Yeon will play the role of Ok Tae Young, who fabricated all his details; her name and husband are fake.

Everyone loved her because she was always ready to help people in difficult situations.

This drama illuminated Ok Tae Young’s life, survival, and success stories of enslaved women in the Joseon dynasty.

The other, Choo Young Woo, plays another central lead, Cheon Seung Hwi, who travels worldwide, covering his face with a veil and reciting novels to people. Cheon Seung Hwi falls in love with Ok Tae Young at first sight when he meets her co-incidentally and supports her wholeheartedly, even after knowing that all her identities are fabricated.

The production team of “Tale of Mrs. Ok” commented, “There are many untold stories in the world that cannot differentiate between right and wrong. This drama is based on such reports. Lim Ji Yeon and Choo Young Woo, who are playing the roles of Ok Tae Young and Cheon Seung Hwi, will add authenticity.

To these characters in the drama, who are living under other people’s names. The premiere of the drama “Tale of Mrs.OK” will be in 2024. For the latest updates, could you stay connected with us?

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