Five Top K Dramas Of Charming Rowoon That You Must Watch

Top K Dramas
Top K Dramas

We are all virtually into Korean dramas and Korean actors. There are many pinnacle actors on the list, and one among them is Rowoon. His charming persona and performance competencies make him popular among his fans. He is likewise known as Kim Seok Woo; other than being an idol when he became active in SF9, he contributed to many Korean dramas and sometimes proved his appearing talents. Let’s communicate approximately some of his most tremendous dramas, which you all have to watch if you are a fan of Rowoon, even if you are not!

“Extraordinary you”

In this drama, Rowoon performed the role of “Haru,” an individual of few phrases, but he confirmed his performing skills in portraying the man or woman’s depth and emotions.

This story is about Eun Dan Oh (Kim Hye Yoon)

Who is a high faculty student who unearths that she is a character in a comic book already aware of his fate? She falls in love with Haru(Rowoon), with whom she does not intend to be. Both of them join powers with different characters to break the limitations of the comic globally. This drama is all about heartwarming love tales, self-discovery, and changing their destinies on their own.

“She would by no means realize.”

“She Would Never Know” is a love tale about two coworkers working in a beauty agency. The main lead uses Yoon Song Ah, who portrays (Won Jin Ah) and his junior coworker Chae Hyun Seung, performed through Rowoon. Chase Hyun Seung falls in love with her at first sight, and they engage in a passionate romance. This drama is full of romance and love scenes with dynamic and memorable moments, which suggests Rowoon’s maturity as an actor. He portrays the individual perfectly, full of self-belief and an air of secrecy. It might help if you watched this romantic drama.


The drama “Tomorrow” is stimulated with a webtoon written using Ra Ma. In this drama, Rowoon plays the function of Choi Joon Woong, who struggles to find a job but cannot find a single role.

One night, he meets Good Ryun(Kim Hee Sun), who has a group of grim reapers. They all assist humans while they’re dying. Choi Joon Woong has become the new member of the group to help them. In this drama, you can see the diverse side of Rowoon’s acting talents. Rowoon’s fantastic overall performance in this drama made him a new, rising, famous person in Korean drama.

“The king’s affection”

This drama suggests the generation where ladies were prohibited from analyzing in universities. “The King’s Affection” showcased the tale of a lady known as Yi Hwi( Park Eun Bin) in the Joseon era; she wanted to go to Sungkyunkwan University, where ladies are not allowed. So, she changed her identity as a man to wait for this university.

While there, she meets with an enigmatic and charismatic instructor called Kim Ga On, who performs with Rowoon’s aid. They each navigate the challenges of the norms of strict society, their dating becoming extra entangled like an internet of emotions, friendship, and energy struggles. This drama is a need-to-watch for folks who love historical dramas and, of course, Rowoon, too.

“Destined with you”

In this drama, Rowoon performs the role of Jung Shin Yu (Rowoon), an exceptional lawyer laid low by their family curse. Conversely, Lee Hong Jo (Jo Bo Ah) is an outcast civil servant living alone. The key to freeing from the circle of relatives curses became within the fingers of Lee Hong Yu. Rowoon portrays the precise blend of romantic and, at the same time, funny moments as demanded by the person. You can find him charming and beautiful in this drama.

The new addition to Rowoon’s drama “The Matchmakers” has won viewers’ hearts for its light-hearted storyline and comedy. 

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