Famous Singer Zhang Xingte Attacked By Some Stalker Fans At Airport 

 Famous Singer Zhang Xingte Attacked By Some Stalker Fans At Airport 

People who are responsible for this misbehaviour are reported to the police. The famous Chinese singer and song producer Zhang Xingte was recently attacked by some of his stalker fans at the airport. 

Zhang Xingte, also known as Xing Xing, is of Chinese nationality. He was born on February 11, 2003. Currently, he is a trainee under a FLOW SIXTEEN. His first single album was “Starlight”.

In 20 years, Zhang Xingte gained much popularity among his fans after appearing on Produce Camp 2021. 

After this, he made a television appearance and released his solo music.

While he was at the airport for his recent flight, some of his stalker fans threw water at him and started yelling at him. They also hit him with empty cups. 

Zhang Xingte stopped them from misbehaving with him. Zhang Xingte is known for his polite behavior and calmness. He backed away before picking up the cups thrown at him.

Zhang Xingte‘s agency reported the incident to the police and shared an official statement about the incident at the airport. 

They said that the incident had been reported. And that they were cooperating with the police while they handled the case. Other essential items have been communicated to the lawyer for resolution.

Hours later, after the incident, the agency shared that the attacker responsible for this would be punished accordingly. They are urging other people to behave appropriately. We hope others will use this as an example and stan idols rationally. 

Hopefully, this incident serves as an example for others and reminds them how to behave with celebrities. Fans must consider celebrities’ comfort when seeing them and clicking pics.

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