Singer And Actress Ji Eun And YouTuber Park We Are Dating Each Other.

 Singer And Actress Ji Eun And YouTuber Park We Are Dating Each Other.

Ji Eun reveals the secret of her relationship with YouTuber Park We. On December 21, singer and actress Song Ji Eun disclosed this by posting it on her Instagram account. 

She shared this post to reveal the status of her relationship. She posted, “ Before Christmas, I want to introduce my fans to the most precious person of my life. Who came into my life as a gift, my boyfriend.”

She continues, “He’s my boyfriend. I wanted to share that I am in a beautiful relationship with Park We. I want to share with those who loved and supported me and watched me for so long. So please continue to watch over us with warm eyes and kindly support our relationship. He has a beautiful approach towards life and a generous heart that knows how to love others.

Ultimately, she concluded, “In the coming year, I will try my best to greet you more often on WERACLE, a YouTube channel. I wish you all a fantastic year-end, and be careful not to get a cold. I Am always grateful and love you all.

 Singer And Actress Ji Eun And YouTuber Park We Are Dating Each Other.

In Short

  • Singer and actor Ji Eun revealed their relationship status by posting on Instagram.
  • Ji Eun and YouTuber Park We are dating each other.
  • Park We is the son of director Park Chan Hong.

Singer Ji Eun started his career as a singer and joined SECRET. After this, she played many lead roles in dramas. Some are “My Secret Romance,” Melting Me Softly,” and “The Man’s Voice”. 

Ji Eun is the son of the director Park Chan Hong, who directed many dramas. Like The Legends of Orpheus, “Beautiful World,” and “Miraculous brothers.”

 In 2014, Park We met with a life-threatening accident when he fell from a building. This accident leads to spinal damage and the diagnosis of full-body paralysis. But Park manages to get his life back on track like it was before. After this, he managed his YouTube channel “WERACLE” to spread hope and raise awareness about people with disabilities. 

Congratulations to the couple, and have a wonderful life ahead. For more information, could you stay connected with us?

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