Chung Shin Was Appointed As The 1st female CEO Of Kakao. 

Chung Shin Was Appointed As The 1st female CEO Of Kakao. 

Kakao company appointed 48-year-old Chung Shin-a as its new CEO. She was the head of the Kakao venture.

This step was taken to revamp the company, which was swamped by multiple allegations.

Kakao is alleged for stock manipulation and inner frictions. Chung Shin became the company’s first female head. Kakao was established in 2010. 

Kakao’s CEO nomination committee nominated Chung Shin on Wednesday. The company said, “New leadership is needed to tackle the upcoming challenges. Chung Shine is an adequate leader with expertise in the IT industry. She comprehensively understands a company’s hardship as it grows”.

This step occurred after Kakao’s founder, Kim Beom-su, promised to change Kakao’s management. Chang started his career as a consultant in 2000. She worked for many reputed companies, such as eBay.

 She worked for Korean portal giant Naver before joining Kakao’s venture in 2014.Chang Shin will take an advisory role in March.

Chang Shin will take an advisory role in March to improve the company’s business structure. “She will work hard to improve the company’s overall business structure, Chang said.” 

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