“Mom’s Friend’s Son” Confirmed! Jung So Min And Jung Hae In

"Mom's Friend's Son" Confirmed! Jung So Min And Jung Hae In

Officially, it is confirmed that “Jung Hae In” will be returning to the new drama.

On December 13, it was confirmed that Jung Hae In would star in an upcoming rom-com drama, “Mom’s Friend’s Son”. Alchemy of Souls’ main lead, Jung So-Min, was in talks to play the opposite side of Jung Hae In.

“Mom’s Friend’s Son: What’s the K-drama about?

“Mom’s Friend’s Son” is a drama about a woman called Bae Seok Ryu. She tries to restart his problematic life. But again, her mom’s friend’s son, Choi Seung Hyo, returned to her life. She considers Choi Seung Hyo the dark chapter of her life, even though they are childhood friends.

This drama is directed by Yoo Je Won and written by Shin H a Eun of “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha”.

“Mom’s Friend’s Son”: Who is in the cast? 

“Mom’s Friend’s Son” is now confirmed that Jung So Min will join the drama to play Bae Seok Ryu.

Bae Seok Ryu is honest and simple. She is always full of energy, and people around her feel positive. Bae Seok Ryu is an idol daughter of her parents as she always obeys them. She is an excellent girl and multi-talented. Bae Seok-Ryu is a ray of sunshine for everyone. But while taking steps towards success as a project manager of a huge global firm, she suddenly breaks down. She quit her job after an incident took place in her life. 

Jung So Min shared her feelings about playing Bae Seok Ryu. She remarked that it is an honour for her to play such a heartwarming role. She is looking forward to it because she loves the storyline of the drama. It is my second project with the director of the drama, which is totally based on trust. She said she would greet viewers with a wonderful and captivating performance. 

Meanwhile, her mom’s friend’s son, Choi Seung-Hyo, enters Bae Seok-Ryu’s life.

Jung Hae In will be playing the role of Choi Seung Hyo, the youngest head of the architecture academy. Choi Seung-Hyo is among the notable young architects in the Korean architecture industry. Choi Seung Hyo is skilled, has a perfect personality, and has handsome looks. His dark past involves Bae Seung Hyo, whom he met when he was four, following his mom to the bathhouse. Two of them share banana milk at the bathhouse. After a long time, they will meet again, raising questions about their relationship.

Jung Hae In captivated fans this year with his Drama “D.P”.Season 2 and “12.12:The Day”. 

“Mom’s Friend’s Son”: When is the release date?

“Mom’s Friend’s Son” will start filming next year. The drama’s premiere will be scheduled in the second half of 2024.

TVN will be in charge of developing this drama. Yet it has not been decided whether it will be aired on Netflix, Disney+, or any other OTT platform. You can find more interesting information on our page.

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