Miss Trot 3: Jang Yoon-jung, Jeong Seo-ju, ‘Bongkerbell’ mentor… “I will be in first place.”

miss trot 3
miss trot 3

According to Top Star News Reporter Kim Hyo-jin, ‘Miss Trot 3’ Jeong Seo-joo won the queen’s match.

In the 8th episode of TV Chosun’s ‘Miss Trot 3’, which aired on the afternoon of the 8th, the first match of the fourth round and the team medley and second match queen match were held.

As a result of the first round, Pongkerbell ranked 1st with 1,473 points, Eugene ranked 2nd with 1,437 points, BongMinute ranked 3rd with 1,413 points, Bok Dream Girls ranked 4th with 1,401 points, and Tronamin C ranked 5th with 1,333 points. Did.

In the second round of the queen’s match, the TOP 5—Jeong Seo-ju, Yoon Seo-ryeong, Oh Yu-jin, Yang Seo-yoon, and Bok Eun Bo—performed individual performances.

As a result of the Queen’s Competition, Jeong Seo-ju, who sang Shim Soo-bong’s ‘Winter Rose’, received a master score of 1,274 points and an audience score of 160 points, taking first place with a total score of 1,434 points.

Second place was Bok-eun Bok with 1,398 points; third place was Oh Yu-jin with 1,394 points; fourth place was Yoon Seo-Seong with 1,381 points; and fifth place was Yang Seo-yoon with 1,317 points.

Miss Trot 3: First & Second Round Result

As a result of adding up the scores from the first and second rounds, the final 1st place was Bong Kerbell with 2,907 points, 2nd place was Eugenes with 2,831 points, 3rd place was Bok Dream Girls with 2,799 points, and 4th place was Bong Minute with 2,794 points. 5th place was Tronamin C with 2650 points.

The final eliminated candidates were Lee Ha-rin, Hwa-yeon, Yoo Soo-hyun, Bang Seo-hee, Su Bing-su, and Yang Seo-yoon.

Currently, there are 14 survivors: Jeong Seo-ju, Bae Hyeon, Kim So-yeon, Jeong Seul, Bok-eun Bok, Miss Kim, Bin Ye-seo, Kwak Ji-eun, Yoon Seo-ryeong, Na-young, Kim Na-yul, Yeom Yu-ri, Oh Yu-jin, and Cheon Ga-yeon.

TV Chosun’s ‘Miss Trot 3‘ airs every Thursday at 10 p.m.

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