Kim Hae-Jun, Kim Hyang-Gi & Lee Junho Star In “Cashero” Drama Together


Kim Hae Jun may appear in the new Netflix drama “Cashero.”

OSEN reported that Kim Hae Ju and 2 PM’s Lee Junho will star in a new Netflix drama named “Cashero” together.

According to the reports, the famous K-pop band members Lee Jun-ho, aka 2 PM, Kim Hye-jun, and Kim Hyan-Gi will be the lead cast of the new Netflix original series Cashero. A representative of JYP Entertainment verified the information for the reporters on October 31, 2023.

The actress Kim Hae-jun Agenvy Andmarq shared, “The actress received an offer (to star in the drama) and is reviewing the offer,”, in response to the report. She may play the role of Cashero’s girlfriend, as the drama is a webtoon-turned drama with a superhero story.

According to the sources, the drama “Cashero” tells the story of superheroes who protect normal people in their daily lives; there is a webtoon television series called Cashero, which tells the story of saving ordinary people, a superhero named Cashero whose physical ability gets stronger when he gets more cash.


The actor Junho has already achieved so much success and fame from his latest famous drama, “King the Land.” Lee Junho was offered the role of the main character superhero, Kang Sang Wong, a hero called Cashero who is getting stronger and stronger after getting more and more cash.

Kim Hyang Gi’s agency, Cre Company, also said that she got the offer to star in a drama and is reviewing the offer.

We would like all three to accept the offer so that viewers can see the new chemistry on screen. Meanwhile, they are just reviewing the offer as of now.

However, it has yet to be confirmed that Junho has accepted the offer to be the star face of Kang Sang Woong. Also, K-pop band member Kim Ryan Gi has yet to be officially confirmed either.

Let’s see what happens next in the casting process of this new Netflix original series, Cashero. Stay tuned with us for more drama updates.

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