Are You A Tech Geek? Watch These 10 Tech-Based Web Series That Will Blow Your Mind!

Person Of Interest
Person Of Interest

If you are working for some tech companies and hustling with codes and programs for the entire week, wouldn’t it be great to be refreshed and delighted over the weekend by watching interesting web shows? Then you are on the right track; here you can find the top TV show reviews, which are based primarily on technology, innovations, and what technology is best at and what it is worst at. These dramas are for tech geeks and nerds who live in the environment of technology.

The IT Crowd: The Sweet Geekness

 If you are a tech Greek and want to laugh aloud, watch the IT Crowd show. You will feel the natural environment of a tech company, with some tense and funny situations between tech professionals and non-technicals. The IT Crowd is the story of three individuals who are working in the information technology department of the fictional company Reynolds Industries.

The IT Crowd Show is in the basement of the building. Among the three, two are guinea pigs on computers but socially awkward and couldn’t care more about others. Then, they are joined by Jen, the manager, a rather dim career woman who needs clues about how computers work or how to fix them.

The dialogue delivery was brilliant, and all the characters played hilarious roles. The IT Crowd is available on Netflix India.

  • Released On: 2006
  • No. Of Seasons: 04

Silicon Valley 

It’s harder to find anyone who has yet to hear about Silicon Valley, famous for technology and innovation.

This TV show is all about a person named Richard Hendricks, who is a programmer in Silicon Valley who built a startup company called Pied Piper. Silicon is based on new startups’ struggles competing with big, giant companies. The Silicon Valley show depicts the work culture of Silicon Valley and how the techies face problems in real life. This TV show is especially for those interested in technology and innovation. You can watch this TV show on Hotstar Premium in India.

  • Released On: 2014
  • No. Of Seasons: 06

Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot’s TV show is a psychological thriller fusion with technology-based content. Mr. Robot is the story of the protagonist, Elliot Alderson, a cybersecurity engineer by day and a hacker at night. After that, he joined a group of hackers called “fsociety” to destroy all the debt and financial data of E Corp., the largest conglomerate in the world. This show explores themes like privacy, corruption, and power. Mr. Robert is a well-written, well-acted, and highly entertaining show on Amazon Prime India.

  • Released On: 2015
  • No. Of Seasons: 04

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a mix of science fiction, drama, and black comedy. This show witnesses the negative side of the latest technology and innovation in our present society. Every episode has a new storyline and characters, but the theme somehow remains the same.

The Black Mirror TV show is very relatable to the Twilight Zone, and the best thing about this drama is how it is written and acted. The cast includes talented actors like Domhnall Gleeson, Rory Kinnear, Toby Kebbell, Hayley Atwell, Jon Hamm, Jason Flemyng, Rupert Everett, and others. You can watch this TV show on Netflix.

  • Released On: 2011
  • No. Of Seasons: 05

Person Of Interest

The Person of Interest TV show is a fantastic crime thriller. It is about a billionaire computer programmer named Harold Finch, played by Michael Emerson. He invented a computer system for the US government to collect and examine every possible source for subversive attacks like terrorist attacks and identify the people behind these acts. The supercomputer is also helpful in identifying other perpetrators and victims of other premeditated crimes, which accelerates the story too deeply.

The Person of Interest show has five seasons, and the last season was awe-inspiring. This show depicts the use of technologies like artificial intelligence to end crimes and many other security aspects.

  •  Released On: 2011
  • No. Of Seasons: 05
Person Of Interest

Halt And Catch Fire

If you are interested in computers, this movie is definitely for you! This show is about the 1980’s evolution and development of computers and technologies. John is a former IBM employee who started his startup company to develop portable personal computers.

The show succeeded in showing the facts and figures of that time. Halt and Catch Fire will help you to know the true history of the development of personal computers more convincingly and interestingly. If you were in the 90s, you definitely would have various nostalgic moments while watching the show. All the episodes of this TV show are available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Time.

  • Released On: 2014
  • No. Of Seasons: 04


Here comes another hilarious and touching spy TV show for tech nerds! Chuck. The show is all about Chuck Bartowski, who receives an encoded email that contains spy secrets about the US government. In this series, to make the storyline more fascinating, all the information is downloaded into Chuck’s brain.

The CIA and NSA agents protect Chuck and also use him for their top-secret missions. The writing is top-notch, the screenplay is better, and the performances of the characters are fabulous. The American spy drama with an extensive touch of technology is worth watching. All episodes are available on Amazon Prime Video.

  • Released On: 2007
  • No. Of Seasons: 05


Westworld is an American dystopian science fiction TV show by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan. This drama is related to the latest technologies being used to develop amusement parks populated by android “hosts”. This park invites high-paying guests who fulfill their wild fantasies within the park without fear of retaliation from the hosts, who are prevented by programming not to harm humans. Although this is not based on reality, it looks so real while watching. All the episodes of Westworld are available on Disney+.

  • Released On: 2016
  • No. Of Seasons: 04

Quantum Leap

This TV show has a well-written storyline about time travel by the star, Scott Bakula, a physicist, as Dr.Sem Beckett. After he goes back to time travel temporarily, he takes the place of other people and corrects the history, which he constantly discovers were historical mistakes. 

Quantum Leap is an American fiction TV show created by Donald P. Bellisario. You can find a mix of all kinds of drama and emotions under one umbrella: horror, romance, social commentary, and science fiction. All the episodes are available on Amazon Prime India.

  • Released: 1989
  • No. Of Seasons: 05

Big Bang Theory

This American television sitcom, which aired on CBS from September 24, 2007, to May 16, 2009, ran for 12 seasons and had 279 episodes. Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady created it. This show featured five main characters; they all lived in identical apartments, and four were ultra-geeky physicists. They are excellent at their work but inept outside of it. Then, a gorgeous girl named Penny moves into their apartments and shows them what real life is. Bing Bang Theory is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime India.

  • Released On: 2007

If you are a tech nerd, then you must watch these movies that make you feel refreshed and enlightened. All in all, these TV shows are worth watching. You will also understand the various concepts and innovations in technology.

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