Joey Paras’s Death: The Famous Actor and comedian, Has Passed Away!

Joey Paras's Death
Joey Paras's Death

The famous actor and comedian Joey Paras has passed away at the age of 45. His family confirmed the news on Sunday.

Paras’s Niece, Zciara Shyne Sinchon-Fabian, posted a picture of Joey and confirmed that he died on Sunday at 5:40 p.m.

In the post, Zciara said, “Unfortunately, his heart wasn’t able to recover anymore”.

The reason for Joey Paras’s death was not confirmed yet, but Joey had a heart condition, and in 2018, he was fitted with a pacemaker.

Joey Paras's Death

For those who need to learn who it is, Joey Paras, let us clarify the things here. Joey was a rounder in the field of entertainment. He is a singer, writer, playwright, film producer, and most famous TV host and comedian. He was born in 1978 in the Philippines. He was too famous for his Sunday PINAsaya.

His first television debut was in ABC-CBN’s primetime soap Maging Sino Ka Man. After that, he transferred to GMA Network for the soap Ikaw Sana in 2009.

Joey’s last most famous movie came in 2012, Ayuda Babes, where he played the role of Mama Rita, which is the film Viva Film Productions.

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