Daily Dose Of Sunshine Reveals The Most Awaited Poster And Teaser

Daily Dose Of Sunshine
Daily Dose Of Sunshine

Daily Dose of Sunshine( English title)/morning comes to psychiatric wards too( literal meaning). The most-awaited teaser to Park Bo-Young’s release, which is determined to provide a ray of hope for those under her care, is the story of a young nurse navigating the world of mental health and other stories around her. Other leading cast members are Yeon Woo-Jin, Jang Dong-Yoo, and Lee Jung-Eun. It is based on a Kakao webtoon of the same Korean title by Lee Ra-ha, a former nurse, which focuses on the author’s real-life experiences as a psychiatric nurse.


  • Netflix’s new original series, ‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’, is the story of nurse Jung Da-eun, played by Park Bo Young, who starts a new job at a psychiatric ward.
  • The trailer for the same is out on the OTT platform.
  • A healing drama, ‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’ is set to premiere on Netflix on November 3.

A Daily Dose of Sunshine Tailor Is Out!

Park Bo is as young as Jung Da-Eun; she is a third-year nurse who is transferred from internal medicine to the psychiatric department. Jang Dong Yoon plays Song Yoo-Chan, Da-Eun’s best friend, and Lee Jung Eun plays Song Hyo, who is the chief of the psychiatric department.

Daily Dose Of Sunshine
Daily Dose Of Sunshine

The teaser starts with the song Hyo-Shin introducing the novice nurse Da-eun to the psychiatric ward members, where she meets such patients for the first time. Da-eun expresses his feelings for patients, saying that she is not able to contribute to their healing process. Hyo-shin consoles her by saying that the darkest nights will eventually give way to the light of dawn. The teaser closes with the statement, “We all cross between day and night throughout our whole lives. The Daily Dose of Sunshine is set to premiere on November 3, 2023.

All About The Series Daily Dose Of Sunshine

The series, trying to heal hearts and minds, raises a question regarding not having curtains on the windows of the psychiatric ward. Nurse Da Eun will unravel why, in this ward section, the morning always comes first as compared to other wards.

‘Daily Dose of Sunshine,’ starring Park Bo-young and Yeon Woo-jin, will be available to stream exclusively on Netflix starting November 3. Netflix is also set to release another K-drama series, ‘Doona!’, featuring Bae Suzy and Yang Se-jong.

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