Tom Cruise And Alcina Break Up! Big Reason Behind It

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Recently, a few reporters came with the news that a beautiful lady has come into the life of Hollywood actor Tom Cruise. He is dating Russian socialite Alesina Khairova, about 25 years younger than him. The latest news regarding this is that the relationship between Tom and Alcina has ended. Both of them have broken up. It is claimed in media reports that a solid connection was not being formed between the two; hence, the couple has decided to part ways.

A few days ago, reporters came with the news that 61-year-old Cruise is dating 36-year-old Alesina Khairova. There is a difference of about 25 years in the age of both. There is also news that tOm stays in Alcina’s apartment these days. Both are spending quality time with each other. Now, suddenly, the information has come that they have parted ways.

Earlier this month, after they were seen together in London, speculations were made that their relationship was getting stronger. But, if reports are to be believed, both are parting ways. According to sources, their relationship developed automatically. But, it could not go very far. Before things take a terrible turn, they have decided to separate.

Tom Cruise

According to reports, Alesina recently introduced her kids to Tom Cruise. A few days later, rumours about their split began to circulate. Elsina’s first marriage produced two children, as is well known. According to an earlier story, Tom Cruise now resides in Alcina’s flat. They both lead married lives.

Now, if we talk about Tom’s personal things, he is the father of three children. The actor has married three times. Despite this, he is single. Tom married Mimi Rogers in 1987, and the couple separated in 1990. After this, Nicole Kidman entered Tom’s life, but both separated in 2001. About five years later, in 2006, Tom married Katie Holmes, and his third marriage was unsuccessful.

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