The Upcoming Romance Drama “Love Song For Illusion” Shared Stills Featuring Park Ji Hoon.

The Upcoming Romance Drama "Love Song For Illusion" Shared Stills Featuring Park Ji Hoon.

An upcoming drama based on the popular webtoon “Love Song For Illusion” shared news stills featuring Park Ji Hoon in a double role.

This drama tells the story of a man with a dual personality and a woman who loves him.

This is a historical fantasy romance drama in which Park Ji Hoon plays the dual role of Crown Prince as Sajo Hyun and alter ego Ak Hee. Sajo Hyun is a character who is intelligent and has beautiful looks. He uses his innate artistic sense to work as a fashion designer at a downtown boutique. While working there, he hid his crown prince’s identity from everyone.

His childhood is not like others due to his oppressive father; he has a wound deep down in his heart from childhood.

On the other hand, Sajo’s different persona, Ak Hee, is a loving and charming character, but he is cursed to feel extreme pain whenever he makes physical contact with others.

Park Ji Hoon expressed his view towards his roles in the drama, saying, “Sajo Hyun is a calculated and sincere character while Ak Hee is a charming and romantic man who sacrifices his life for love. He said he “tries to portray the difference between both the personas and for that he focused on “texture” of each character is essential. 

 Park Ji Hoon also remarked that this drama combines sweet, salty, and bitter stories about love and pain. This will develop all types of emotions among the viewers. 

From the moment Ak Hee meets Yeon Wol(Hong Ye Ji) and falls in love with her, it takes you to the next level of romance.

The drama “Love Song For Illusion” will premiere on January 2.

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