Some Marriages Don’t Last Forever! Just Like Famous Producer And New Music CEO Rhymer And Ahn Hyun

CEO Rhymer And Ahn Hyun
CEO Rhymer And Ahn Hyun

According to recent reviews, Rhyme and Ahn Hyun Mo broke up after six years of a satisfied marriage. Everyone is familiar with the pinnacle producer and new song CEO and his wife, Ahn Hyun. They got married in 2017, and now they are divorcing, saying they have unique personalities.

They discussed the terms and conditions of divorce in May 2023, and in October 2023, they sooner or later divided the property and signed the divorce. They stated they had been doing so with their mutual consent. They said that they’d stay pals within their destiny and could help every other satisfactory on their behalf.

CEO Rhymer And Ahn Hyun

They also made a promise that they would not slander each other. And they eliminated all their wedding snapshots from all social media.

Rhymer, whose real name is Kim-se Hwan, is a rapper. He launched a new album in 2011 that produced hip-hop songs. Ahn Hyun-mo, a TV persona, also labored as a reporter for SBS and worked as a published translator.

This couple labored together in “same bed, exceptional dreams 2,” “you are my future,” and “we cha-cha-cha” in 2022.

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