BTS’ Jungkoook New Song: Seven & 3D Remixes Will Be The Part Of His New Album, GOLDEN! 

Jungkoook New Song
Jungkoook New Song

Jungkook New Song is set to be released this November. BtS’ Jungkook, the style icon and too famous for his stylish and solo songs among all the BTS members after V, is going to release his next solo album, GOLDEN, next month.

BTS singer Jungkook is set to perform with David Guetta and MK for the new version of his latest tracks, 3D and Seven. The songs were released on Monday. The original song Seven is featured with Latto, and 3D was in collaboration with Jack Harlow.

Jungkook’s seven and 3D remix 

The remix of Seven and 3D is going to be the new and best version to take over clubs, pubs, and bars across the world. The new remix of Seven is in the style of David Guetta’s, with the golden voice of Golden Maknae. 3D will be catchy and groovy with the sounds by mk.

Fans Review

Both the songs, Seven and 3D, are record-breakers, according to the fans. All the army loved Jungkook’s new style of singing, and the lyrics made everyone so happy. One of the fans commented on his reaction to x: “It sounds so new. It sounds new (and absolutely great). Oh wow.” “I’m a huge David Guetta fan, so this remix hits me right in the borahae,” added another. One of the other army members said, “My favorite of all remixes.”

Meanwhile, if we talk about MK’s style, fans are so thankful for it. Fan wrote a thank-you message on x.

Upcoming Releases of Jungkook 

Jungkook New Song, Golden, is going to be released on November 3. This is his first album as a solo artist, named Golden. The seven and 3D remixes are pre-releases.

The BTS agency showed attitude towards the collaborated singers throughout the thank-you note on Twitter: “Thank you for your great anticipation for Jungkook’s upcoming solo album Golden, scheduled to be released next month. Prior to the release of GOLDEN, we would like to unveil the remix versions of Seven (feat. Latto) and 3D (feat. Jack Harlow), Jungkook’s digital singles, which will also be part of the album. We hope you enjoy these remix tracks as you eagerly await the release of Golden.”

Later on, Junkgook collaborated on the English song Too Much with the kids Laroi and Central Cee. It was the debut album of Kid Laraoi.

Golden is going to be Jungkook’s all-English song album. The Golden will be released on November 3 at 1 p.m. KST, and he is going to collaborate with more famous artists like Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, DJ Snake, and many more.

Let’s see what happens next with us. Stay tuned for more updates.

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