IVE Group, First Ever Group To Make History To Score Perfect All-Kill With 3 Songs 

IVE Group Made History
IVE Group Made History

After BTS, the IVE group is starting to break records and make new history with their best K-pop hits.

IVE just made history by scoring Perfect All-Kill with three songs.

Perfect All-Kill, meaning the song has achieved the top spot on all major music charts since its release. On November 7 at 1:30 KST, Instiz’s iChart officially announced that “Baddie,” the latest title track of IVE’s group, had achieved the “perfect all-Kill” milestone. 

In the history of Korea, many groups have won this achievement, but IVE became the first group to achieve this achievement with three of their songs in the same calendar year. “Baddie” is IVE’s third song to achieve this milestone of Perfect All-Kill in 2023, after “Kitsch” and “1 AM”. 

IVE is not only the first group to achieve this milestone of scoring Perfect All-Kill with three different songs in the same year; IU is the first singer to make this achievement with three songs.

Now, IVE has been nominated for Twice’s record, as this girl group has most of the songs to achieve Perfect All-Kill in the same year. “Baddie” is officially the fourth song to score for a perfect kill achievement, following “After Like,” “Kitsch,” and “1 AM.”

A song gets awarded after being certified with All Kill scores on different music charts like Genie and Bugs real-time charts, iChart, and YouTube music’s top songs, charts, etc.

We are giving so much love and congratulations to the IVE group for reaching this milestone in such a short time. They will all get most of the achievements in the upcoming year as well.

Let’s see what happened in the world of K-pop. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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