BTS Get Pleasant Surprise From Google Doodle 

BTS Get Pleasant Surprise From Google Doodle 

 BTS is the most searched boy band on the internet this year.

While the ARMYs and their fans are in pain, all members are enlisting for their military services. BTS had a pleasant surprise from the Google search engine. BTS unexpectedly appeared on Google Doodle on December 12.

Google’s web browser has regularly been updated for holidays and special occasions. This is done through “Google Doodle”.

Some creative and interactive changes are made to the iconic logo. This is done to remember the speciality and importance of the day. Google Doodle also changes its logo on some holidays, celebrities’ anniversaries, inventions, etc.

On December 12, Google updated, honouring the 25 most searched people, places and moments.

Google has been doing this since it was founded in 1998, making it 25 this year. This included most search games like Playground, akin to Where’s Waldo?

The most searched events of the year are listed on the left as clues. You can search for them in the large image.

ARMYs were surprised to discover BTS on the list! They were portrayed in a cartoon version of their “Butter” concept. ARMYs noticed that they, too, were in the cartoon image. BTS were featured while performing to a crowd of ARMYs.  

BTS Get Pleasant Surprise From Google Doodle 

Google disclosed that BTS is the most searched boy band of the year. Their fandom, ARMY, and choreography were also the most searched worldwide. Last year, Google also celebrated ARMY’s birthday in the same manner.

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