“Beat Coin” And “Problem Child In House” Tv Shows Will End In January 2024.

"Beat Coin" And "Problem Child In House" Tv Shows Will End In January 2024.

 KBS television shows “Beat Coin” and “Problem Child in House” will be concluded in January 2024.

On December 18, the “Beat Coin” and “Problem Child in the House” production team was announced the closing dates of the show.

Beat Coin” is the variety show of KBS, in which a coin is tossed, and it decides whether you will face paradise or the underworld. This show starred Hing Jin Kyung, King Sook, Cho Se Ho, Joo Woo Jae, and Wooyoung. Viewers love this fantastic show. 

"Beat Coin" And "Problem Child In House" Tv Shows Will End In January 2024.

After this announcement, KBS also revealed that the “problem child in the house” will end in mid-January 2024. This TV show is a knowledge-talk show. In this, some problematic people get locked up in a rooftop house and can go home if they answer ten questions correctly. This show was first aired in November 2018. The hosts for the show are Kim Yong Man, Song Eun Yi, and many more.

If you haven’t watched this show, you must start watching them. For more information, stay connected with us.

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