Audrey Kathleen Hepburn – The Lady Who Faces World War ll & Also The Three Time Winner Of BAFTA Award 

Audrey Kathleen Hepburn
Audrey Kathleen Hepburn

Audrey Kathleen Hepburn was born on May 4, 1920, in Brussels, Belgium, and died on January 20, 1993. She was a British actress well known for her contributions to films and the fashion industry. She was ranked the third-greatest female screen legend in classical Hollywood cinema. She was also included on the international best-dressed Hall of Fame list.

How Audrey Comes Into Hollywood Industry

Audrey was born into an aristocratic family and spent his childhood in England and the Netherlands. She went to boarding school in England from 1936 to 1939. This period is not forgettable because World War II started. Due to this, she retired to his home in the Netherlands. During that time, she started learning ballet at Arnhem Conservatory, and by 1944, she spent that money to help the Dutch resistance, which she earned by performing ballet.

She started performing in West End musical theater and also acted in several films. She performed in the romantic comedy film ‘Roman Holiday 1953 with Gregory Peck; this film rose to stardom for Audrey, for which she became the first actress to win the Oscar, Golden Globe Award, and BAFTA award for a single performance. She also won a Tony Award for best lead actress in the play” Ondine”.This was just the start of her career, after which she got several movies to act in, one by one. She acted in ‘Sabrina’ (1954) and then ‘Funny Face (1957), a musical in which she sang her parts.

The romantic comedy Breakfast at Tiffany’s in 1961; the thriller comedy Charade in 1963; and the musical ‘My Fair Lady’ in 1964 After 1967, she occasionally appeared in films. Her last recorded performances were in the 1990 documentary television series Gardens of the World ‘with Audrey Hepburn. His performance in this series was outstanding, and she won an Emmy award for it.

How Was Audrey’s Life After Her Name Change?

Audrey was known to her family as Adriaantje. Her mother’s name was Baroness Ella van Heemstra, and she was a Dutch noblewoman. Ella married Jonkheer Hendrik Gustaaf Adolf Quarles van Ufford, an oil executive based in Batavia, where they subsequently lived. They had two sons before divorcing in 1925, four years before Hepburn’s birth. Hepburn’s father, Joseph Victor Anthony Rustom, was British. Prior to his marriage to Ella Hepburn’s mother, he was married to Cornelia Bisschop. Hepburn Hepburn’s parents married in Batavia, Dutch East Indies, in 1926, soon after which they moved to Europe. Hepburn’s early childhood was sheltered and privileged.

Finally, they settled down in Brussels. In 1930, Hepburn’s parents recruited and collected donations for the British Union of Fascists. Her mother wrote articles about this union. After some time, Joseph left the family, moved to London, and never visited his daughter again. after which his mother moved to her family in Arnhem with Hepburn. This event of the departure of her father is most traumatic for Hepburn, as she said once.

Audrey Kathleen Hepburn

Her parents divorced in 1938. Hepburn once again met his father through the Red Cross, although she no longer felt the same attachment to him as before.

HEPBURN’S Experience During World War II (1939–1945)

After the British declared war against Germany in September 1939, Hepburn moved to his mother’s home in Arnhem. Hepburn took ballet lessons during the last years of his boarding school. When the Germans invaded the Netherlands, Hepburn changed his name to Edda van Heemstra because English names were considered dangerous during the German occupation. Her uncle died in retaliation for an act of resistance during the war.

After that, they moved to live in her grandfather’s home. She raised money to help the Dutch resistance and volunteered in hospitals that were centers for resistance activities in Velp. After the Allied landing on D-Day, living conditions grew worse, and the Germans hindered or reduced the already limited food and fuel. It took many years for Hepburn to recover from the traumatic events she faced in her life during wartime, but she stood strong and faced every situation.

How Hepburn’s lived Her Life After World War II

Hepburn became engaged to industrialist James Hanson in 1952, whom she has known since his early days in London. Although she called this ‘love at first sight’, they did not stay for so long because their career demands always kept them apart. After which, she also dated producer Michael Butler. But in 1925, she married actor Mel Ferrer in Burgenstock, Switzerland, preparing to star together in the movie War and Peace (1956).

Both of them have a son, Sean Hepburn Ferrer. After 18 years of marriage, they got divorced in 1968, saying Mel Ferrer was too controlling in nature. In June 1968, she met his second husband, Andrea Dotti, on a cruise with his friends. On January 18, 1969, they got married and had one son called Luca Andrea Dotti. This marriage lasted for 12 years but was dissolved in 1982. From 1980 until she died, she was in a relationship with Dutch actor Robert Wolders. She said that nine years are the happiest of all.

On January 20, 1993, she died in her sleep at home. On her death, Gregory Peck recorded a tribute in which she recited the poem’ Unending Love‘ by Rabindranath Tagore’.

Hepburn was known for his fashion choices and different looks. In Vogue, she was declared the “public embodiment of our new feminine ideal” by fashion photographer Cecil Beaton. She not only lives a luxurious life but also faces the worst era of her life during World War II. But she manages to handle it all. There are many personalities like her around the world who have known or less known facts about them. So you can find much more information about such amazing personalities here.

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