[AI IN ACTION] Korea Inc. Dashes Into AI World With Its Platforms


EXAONE 2.0 has been launched by LG Group, a super-large multimodal artificial intelligence (AI) project. The company officials said it could be used to develop medicines and new materials.

This artificial intelligence can think, learn, and make decisions like humans, based on how the company develops its computing infrastructure to handle the extensive calculations.

LG is the only company in South Korea developing bidirectional and bilingual multi-model AI. EXAONE 2.0 is the advanced model of the old AI EXAONE developed by LG in December last year. The company is doing regular research and development to make this technology the best in the world.

EXAONE 2.0 can study almost 45 million documents and 350 million images at once. The company developed EXAONE 2.0 in two languages, English and Korean, so that it is easy to use by other people. EXAONE2.0 can learn four times more data than the old version. The researchers at LG said that they reduced the interference processing time by 25%, which led to a 70% memory usage cut and saved overall $785 of the company’s cost.


This is also called hyperscale AI due to its decision-making power, similar to how the human mind works. By making this model bilingual and bi-directional, LG has an advantage over its domestic competitors like Samsung and Hyundai. The LG put three services in EXAONE 2.0 (expert AL for everyone).

  • The Professional is specially designed for professionals.
  • Discovery mainly focuses on chemicals and biological fields and helps develop new materials and drugs.
  • The Atelier is used to combine images and languages.

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