Park Eun Bin Received An Offer To Star In Upcoming Crime Thriller Medical Drama “Hyper Knife”

Park Eun Bin
Park Eun Bin

Famous actress Park Eun Bin will star in the new medical drama “Hyper Knife,” according to STAR NEWS on December 6.

After which Park Eun Bin agency Namoo actors shared that she received an offer to play a role in “hyper knife” Darma. At present, Park Eun Bin is reviewing the proposal.

“Hyper Knife” is a medical crime thriller drama in which Park Eun Bin plays the role of Jung Se, a psychopathic doctor who is crazy about studying the human brain. She does not value human lives; she is intelligent enough from childhood to get admission to medical school at 17. But Jung Se Ok’s medical license was taken back after being charged with the attempted murder of Professor Deok Hee.

This drama is about some Guinness people, one of whom is a doctor, a murderer, and a teacher who dropped him into an abyss.

“Hyper Knife” is written by Kim Seon Hee of webtoons “Bangjunga” and “God’s Quiz: Roboot.”.

Sol Kyung Gu will play the professor (Choi Deok Hee) role against Park Eun Bin in the leading role. For many other updates, could you stay connected with us?

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