“My Demon” Co-Star Sang Kang And Kim Yoo Jung, Nicknamed As “Visual Couple” 

“My Demon” Co-Star Sang Kang And Kim Yoo Jung, Nicknamed As “Visual Couple” 

The natural chemistry between “My Demon” co-stars captivates the netizens.

Even before the upcoming drama by SBS, “My Demon”, they are getting attention for their insane chemistry. The stunning lead actors were already in the minds of their fans for their star power.

In this drama (My Demon), famous actor Song Kang played the role of a ruthless 200-year-old demon. On the other hand, the young veteran actress Kim Yoo Jung played the role of a strict CEO. But they were brought together under some unexpected circumstances. The demon lost his powers after falling in love with an icy heiress. But the heiress holds the key to his lost abilities and his heart.

This drama My Demon is airing, and six episodes have already been released. The latest one takes the show to the highest rating yet. The netizens still enjoy the story and the love chemistry between Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung. 

In the interview with ELLE Korea, Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung discuss their reputation as an incredible “visual couple” on the screen. 

They share their view about how they feel after getting a new title. Song Kang replied sweetly and humbly charmed viewers by stating that Kim Yoo Jung is doing the “Heavy lifting in that aspect”.

He added that he believes Kim Yoo Jung is why they get the “Visual Couple” nickname.

Song Kang gives all the credit to Kim Yoo Jung. Netizens praise the repose and natural chemistry between both in the show.

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