Teaser Revealed: JTBC's 'Girls on Fire' Promises Musical Brilliance

Audition Program Premiere  JTBC's new female vocal group audition program, "Girls on Fire," is set to ignite the stage with its premiere, promising to discover and showcase exceptional musical talents.

Renowned Production Team  With the production team behind hit shows like "Phantom Singer" and "Super Band" at the helm, "Girls on Fire" aims to bring forth a fresh wave of female vocal talent to the forefront of the music industry.

Star-Studded Panel  The show boasts a star-studded panel of producers, including Yoon Jong Shin, Gaeko from Dynamic Duo, Sunwoo JungA, Apink's Jeong Eun Ji, DAY6's Young K, and choreographer Kinky

Teaser Insights  The recently unveiled teaser sets the tone for the show, with Young K highlighting the importance of multifaceted talent, emphasizing the need for contestants to possess both vocal prowess and captivating stage presence.

Quality Standards  Yoon Jong Shin and Jeong Eun Ji stress the importance of leaving a lasting impression, seeking contestants whose voices resonate long after the music stops, reflecting the high standards set for the competition.

Collaborative Spirit  Gaeko shares his desire for contestants who inspire collaboration, indicating a focus on fostering a supportive and creative environment where musical synergy thrives.

Anticipation Builds  With the teaser offering a glimpse into the judges' criteria and expectations, excitement mounts among viewers and aspiring contestants alike, eager to witness the emergence of the next female vocal sensation through "Girls on Fire."