Inauguration of Loong 9: The new boy group "Loong 9" emerges from the Asia Super Young competition, comprising nine talented winners ready to captivate audiences worldwide.

Symbolism Behind the Name: "Loong" symbolizes the Chinese dragon, reflecting strength and auspiciousness, particularly fitting as 2024 is the Year of the Dragon.

Agency Dominance: Yuehua Entertainment leads with four artists in Loong 9, showcasing their strong presence in grooming talent for the global stage.

Diverse Representation: The group boasts members from various agencies, including TVB, Banana Entertainment, and an independent trainee, emphasizing diversity in talent and backgrounds.

Significant Debut for Ollie: Seventeen-year-old Ollie's debut marks a milestone as his first venture into the industry, underscoring the significance of Asia Super Young in launching fresh talent.

Yuehua's Success Streak: Ollie's victory adds to Yuehua Entertainment's reputation for nurturing successful trainees, showcasing their prowess in survival shows and talent management.

Meet the Members: Loong 9 comprises a diverse lineup of talented individuals, each bringing unique skills and charisma to the group, promising an exciting journey ahead in the K-pop scene.