Triumph of  "Korea-Khitan War" Finale and TV Ratings Roundup

Record-Breaking Finale: The final episode of KBS 2TV’s “Korea-Khitan War” achieved unprecedented success, reaching the highest viewership ratings of its entire run. Nielsen Korea reported an outstanding average nationwide rating of 13.8 percent, securing the top spot in its time slot across all channels.

Viewership Surge for "Queen of Tears": tvN’s romance drama “Queen of Tears” witnessed a notable increase in viewership with its second episode. The latest broadcast garnered an average nationwide rating of 8.7 percent, indicating a significant jump of nearly 3 percent from its premiere the previous night.

Rising Ratings for "Doctor Slump": With just two episodes remaining, JTBC’s “Doctor Slump” saw a rise in its average nationwide rating to 6.3 percent, building anticipation for its final week among viewers.

Continued Dominance of "Live Your Own Life": KBS 2TV’s “Live Your Own Life” maintained its stronghold as the most-watched program on Sundays, boasting an impressive average nationwide rating of 22.1 percent, reaffirming its popularity among audiences.

Recognition for "Korea-Khitan War" Cast and Crew: The success of the finale episode of “Korea-Khitan War” not only signifies a triumph for the series but also extends congratulations to its cast and crew for their remarkable contribution to the show's success

TV Ratings Roundup: The diverse range of dramas showcased on various channels indicates the vibrancy of the Korean television landscape, with each series attracting its own loyal audience base and contributing to the overall entertainment spectrum

Accessible Viewing Experience: Viewers eager to catch up on the acclaimed “Korea-Khitan War” can enjoy binge-watching the entire series with subtitles on Viki, providing a convenient and immersive viewing experience for fans worldwide.