Special Abilities Unveiled: ENA’s 'Midnight Studio' Characters Bring Supernatural Thrills

Introduction to "Midnight Studio" Plot: The article introduces the upcoming series "Midnight Studio," featuring a thrilling and mysterious storyline revolving around Seo Ki Joo, a photographer specializing in capturing images of the deceased

Protagonist Seo Ki Joo's Special Camera: Seo Ki Joo, portrayed by Joo Won, is a seasoned photographer with 20 years of experience, operating a photo studio exclusively for ghost customers at night. His special camera, capable of capturing ghosts,

Han Bom's Ability to Enter the Mysterious Studio: Kwon Nara's character, Han Bom, is the only living person, aside from Seo Ki Joo, allowed to enter the mysterious photo studio visible only to the dead. After a specific incident, she gains the ability to see ghosts and possesses a "ghost-free zone" ability,

Assistant Manager Ko's Unique Power: Yoo In Soo plays Assistant Manager Ko, a deceased individual with a unique ability. Having died from overworking, he postpones his ascension by completing a bucket list of 162 items

Baek Nam Goo's Telekinetic Powers: Eum Moon Suk portrays Baek Nam Goo, a newcomer at Midnight Studio who has been dead for only 31 days. With a background as a detective in his past life, Nam Goo possesses telekinetic powers, enabling him to move objects without physical contact.

Handling Obnoxious Customers: Baek Nam Goo's character, known for his tough and wild appearance, is specifically tasked with dealing with obnoxious customers at Midnight Studio, showcasing the diverse roles and responsibilities of the characters.

Premiere Date and Teaser: The article concludes by announcing the premiere date of "Midnight Studio" on March 11 at 10 p.m. KST, urging readers to catch a teaser for a glimpse into the supernatural thrills and mysteries the series promises to deliver.