Denials Continue: Fantagio and Saram Entertainment Refute Gong Myung and Kim Doyeon Dating Rumors"

Initial Dating Rumors: The article reports that dating rumors involving Gong Myung and Weki Meki’s Kim Doyeon surfaced on February 26, raising speculation about a potential romantic relationship between the two stars.

Fantagio's Statement: Fantagio, the agency representing Kim Doyeon, responded to the dating rumors by stating that they are currently checking the reports to verify their accuracy, indicating that the agency is actively investigating the situation

Saram Entertainment Denies Dating Rumors: Gong Myung’s agency, Saram Entertainment, swiftly denied the dating rumors, asserting that the reports are not true. They clarified that Gong Myung and Kim Doyeon share a professional, senior-junior relationship from their time under the same agency,

Senior-Junior Relationship: Both agencies highlight the nature of the relationship between Gong Myung and Kim Doyeon, emphasizing that their acquaintance is based on a senior-junior dynamic established during their time under the same agency, refuting any dating speculations

Fantagio's Follow-Up Statement: Following Saram Entertainment's denial, Fantagio issued a follow-up statement, explicitly refuting the dating rumors. They clarified that the two individuals are only acquainted through their past agency connection and that the contents of the dating report are untrue.

Call for Caution: Fantagio urged the public to refrain from speculating on false rumors, circulating misinformation, and reproducing unverified claims. This emphasizes the agencies' commitment to protecting the artists' rights and reputation.

Ongoing Monitoring: Both agencies express their dedication to continuously monitor and address any developments related to the rumors, indicating their commitment to managing and safeguarding the well-being and public image of their respective artists.