Captivating the King  Drama's Ratings Surge and Plot Twists

Ratings Triumph: tvN's weekend drama "Captivating the King" experiences a significant surge in ratings, breaking its own record with episodes 9 and 10 hitting nationwide ratings of 6.369% and 6.703% respectively.

Jo Jung Suk's Charisma: Actor Jo Jung Suk shines in the role of the captivating ruler, effortlessly captivating audiences with his compelling portrayal, reminiscent of his previous success in "Hospital Playlist.

Mixed Reactions to Shin Se Kyung: While Shin Se Kyung's performance has drawn mixed reactions, particularly regarding her character's motivations for seeking revenge, her role adds layers of complexity to the storyline

Twists and Turns: The drama unfolds with surprising plot twists, including heartfelt confessions, unexpected romantic developments, and a revelation that shakes the foundation of the storyline.

Swoon-Worthy Romance: Fans are treated to sizzling romantic moments, with the male lead's undeniable feelings for another character leading to swoon-worthy kisses and anticipation for a potential baby.

Intriguing Subplots: Amidst the romance, questions arise about the true intentions of the characters and their involvement in palace politics, hinting at larger schemes and hidden agendas.

Binge-Worthy Drama: The weekend marathon contributes to the drama's success, with viewers eagerly anticipating each new episode and the unfolding drama keeping audiences on the edge of their seats.