Denials Continue: Fantagio and Saram Entertainment Refute Gong Myung and Kim Doyeon Dating Rumors"

Previous Hiatus: Despite her renowned performances, Ali Lee was "frozen" and last appeared in the television drama "The Perfect Man" three years ago in 2021, sparking speculation about her status with TVB.

Long-Awaited Comeback: Fans of Hong Kong actress Ali Lee are eagerly anticipating her return to the small screen after a noticeable absence from new television projects

Blacklisting Concerns: Ali Lee's appearance on the TVB Anniversary Gala was blurred out during the event's streaming in China, fueling rumors of her "blacklisting" within the industry.

End of Hiatus: Ali Lee's hiatus seems to be over as she joins the cast of the comedy series "Sparrow Band," portraying a club manager entangled in a romantic storyline with her boss, played by Shaun Tam.

Uncertain Contractual Status: Despite her return, Ali Lee's contractual status with TVB remains uncertain, leaving fans curious about her future endeavors.

Hope for New Opportunities: Many supporters are rooting for Ali Lee to explore new opportunities outside of TVB, hoping to see her diversify her career in the industry.

Celebration Among Fans: Ali Lee's comeback is celebrated by fans who have long awaited her return to television, showcasing their unwavering support for the talented actres