Tesla Gets Beaten In South Korea! Only 1 Electric Car Was Sold In January; The Reason Is ‘Made in China’!


Tesla Sale in South Korea: Is Elon Musk’s car company, Tesla, finding it ‘difficult’ to manufacture in China? This question has arisen because many people in South Korea do not want to buy Tesla cars because of ‘Made in China’ vehicles. In January 2024, Tesla sold only one EV (electric vehicle) in South Korea. According to a Fortune report, Tesla sold only one unit of the Model Y SUV in January. This decline in sales is also being considered due to reduced prices and charging infrastructure.

The report said that this is Tesla’s worst performance in Korea since July 2022. The data also showed that new EV registrations declined by 80 percent in January compared to December 2023.

Moreover, several cases of battery overheating have disappointed people. People also struggle with the lack of fast charging and avoid buying electric vehicles. It is worth noting that in 2023, Tesla’s Model Y was one of the best-selling brands in South Korea.

Even though the overall demand for electric vehicles in Korea is declining, Tesla’s sales decline is linked to its ties with China. According to the report, a survey has revealed that most Korean people who wanted to buy a Tesla car have started disliking it. When people learned that some Tesla car models were made in China, they became angry. The survey has indicated that people are concerned about manufacturing quality in China.

However, people’s behavior is also considered a reason behind the huge decline in sales in January because they are waiting for the government’s subsidy announcement. The price of Tesla’s Model Y in South Korea in July last year was 56.99 million won (about Rs 35 lakh 69 thousand).

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