No Worries, Even If The LG Twins Losses The Crucial Korean Series Openers 

LG Twins
LG Twins

If we look at history, the team that dropped the opening game of the Korean series, the Korean baseball championship round, might have lost the game approximately 75 times.

But there are no worries in the clubhouse of the LG twins even after their 3-2 losses to KT Wiz in Game 1 of the best of seven series on Tuesday, said Youm Kyoung-you, the manager of the LG team.

Before Game 2 at Jamsil Baseball Stadium on Wednesday, you asked his team to stick to what they had been practicing, and there was no need to change anything. To that end, manager Youm will allocate the same lineup that left eight men on the ground in Tuesday’s loss.

Youm said, “I didn’t have to think that much about his decision to keep his lineup unbreakable.” He added, “Our pitchers did a great job last night, though bats couldn’t do well by chance,” but we can’t play well every game.

LG Twins had the best performance in the Korean baseball organization in the regular season, but after a three-week gap between the regular season and the Korean series, they showed the same signs of tarnished performance.

After putting up a career-high 332 average in the regular season, leadoff man Hong Chang remains distressed in Tuesday’s game by batting 0-for-5.

You asked his players to stick to his guns after keeping the hong at the top order. You denied that this is not due to a lack of preparation but to postseason jitters.

He said, “Maybe players are nervous playing in front of such a huge crowd,” and maybe after the first game, they will play better.

For the next game 2, Youm holds the keys to Choi Won-tae to start the game. You said our formula to win the game is keeping the opponents to about three runs, and we score about five.

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