Destined With You Review: Rowoon, Jo Bo-ah’s ‘Love-Struck’ Drama Is Irresistible!

Destined With You
Destined With You

The Korean drama Destined with You, starring Rowan of SF9 and Jo-bo-ah, mingles traditional Korean folklore with contemporary romance. The series is about a heroic, cursed lawyer whose redemption lies with an outcast civil servant. Could you read our review?

In short 

  • This drama has been adored for its combination of comedy and intriguing premise, which includes a cursed lawyer and an outcast civil servant falling in love after a mishap.
  • Rowoon’s notable evolution after “Extraordinary You “showcases various emotions, while Jo-Bo-ah’s portrayal of Hang-Jo’s character is sometimes mature and immediately gentle.
  • The series, plotted by experienced writer No-Ji-Sul, manages to balance comedy, romance, and humor effectively.

Fantasy and K-dramas are always right! The new K-drama ‘Destined With You’, in which Rowoon of SF9 and Jo Bo-ah of ‘Tale of Nine-Tailed Fame are featured, is a combination of traditional Korean folklore with present-day romance.

Destined with You is all about a lawyer and his centuries-old curse; the key to his freedom lies with Lee Hong-Jo, who is an outcast civil servant.

Destined With You
Destined With You

Shin-Yo (Rowoon) is rich, smart, stunning, and a famous lawyer. On the other hand, Hong-Jo is an honest person, but people around her don’t go down with her personality. Both are suffering in their real-life shin-you from his never-ending curses and Hong-jo from his present-day situation of being an outcast and isolated life.

Both of them are entangled in a love-stuck drama created after an accidental mishap. The buildup for the story of “Destined With You” is a comedy and makes for a captivating start. The series covered many other characters that were also intriguing; they also played a very interesting part in the drama alongside their relationship together. The role played by Hong-jo touches your heart, and you will start feeling empathetic for Hong-jo’s character.

The writer No-ji-sul, who had already written a drama blending history with romance and comedy together in “100 Days My Prince,” does it again in this drama series. Starring Rowoon in this series is fantastic. He really shines in this series. Just imagine delivering romantic dialogue with a straight face and no romantic expression. This will definitely make you smile while watching.

This review is based on the first four episodes. This drama is streaming on Netflix every Wednesday and Thursday.

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