Cheng Yi and Li Yitong In The New Poster of “Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Wang Quan”

Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Wang Quan
Li YitongFox Spirit Matchmaker: Wang Quan

The live-action adaptation of Chinese manhua Fox Spirit Matchmaker has unveiled its poster for the Lunar New Year, sparking excitement. Filming for the franchise’s third installment, Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Wang Quan (狐妖小红娘王权篇), which began on January 5, 2024, has been underway for approximately a month. The first official posters featuring Cheng Yi and Li Yitong showcase their attractive appearances.

Cheng Yi embodies the character Wang Quan Fu Gui, a handsome swordsman with an attractive appearance. Wang Quan’s costume, which is either a plain white robe or decorated with colors of royal blue and gold, creates a sense of power. Even the surname Wang Quan translates to “power of the king,” while Fu Gui translates to “wealth.”

It marks another venture into historical costume styling for both leads, especially Cheng Yi, who had another success with The Mysterious Lotus Casebook.

Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Wang Quan

Unlike Cheng Yi, Li Yitong portrays the spider spirit King Tong with grace and elegance. Her attire reflects pale pastel colors, with light pink and purple hues enhancing her beauty. Even her name, King Tong, which translates to “clear eyes,” gives a glimpse of the story where Kingtong’s presence enriches Fu Gui’s life and opens her up to the world beyond the boundaries of the Wangquan family. It also opens the eyes.

According to Manhua, Wang Quan Fu Gui is renowned as the most vital member of the Wang Quan family. Trained from a young age to work as a weapon, he lives a life devoid of personal freedom. King Tong is initially sent as a spy to gather intelligence on the Wang Quan family, and the encounter between the main characters leads to a transformative journey and the romance of a lifetime.

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