4 Reasons You Must Watch Sports- Romance C-Drama “We Go Fast On Trust.”

 4 Reasons You Must Watch Sports- Romance C-Drama "We Go Fast On Trust."

We Go Fast On Trust is a C-drama based on sports romance. The drama’s storyline is taken from the novel of the same name, written by Jiao Tang Dong Gua.

“We Go Fast on Trust” is the story of Chen Mo Bai, played by (Zhzi Zi Lu). He has been passionate about speed since his childhood. Chen Mo Bai wanted to become the top-level race driver in the Chinese Super Formula. But as always, his parents don’t want Chen Mo Bai to pursue a racing career, citing concerns about his life risk and instability.

But Chen Mo Bai’s life takes a U-turn when he meets Shen Xi (Alice Ke), a talented engineer dealing with her challenges. Between career setbacks and family discord, Shin Xi discovers a kindred spirit in Chen Mo Bai, and their mutual love for racing forms a bond of unique partnership.

They worked hard together to represent China in the super formula.

Shin Xi faces the dark side of their life, and the story unfolds many other high and low challenges for both. This drama showcased the unique bond created by their shared passion for the track and pursuit of their dreams.

Check out the reasons for taking advantage of this C-drama from your watch list.

The shy and skillful female lead

 4 Reasons You Must Watch Sports- Romance C-Drama "We Go Fast On Trust."

Female lead Shin Xi worked in Marcus, the world-class German racing team, before her brother’s death. Her older brother Shen Chuan (Liu Jia) unfortunately lost his life in a crash while driving the “Wings of the Wind,” a car Shin Xi had designed.

Shin Xi decided to leave the racing world because his brother’s death caused immense grief and guilt in her heart. She came back to her hometown to take care of her ailing mother.

Despite Shin Xi trying to distance herself from the racing world, she encounters Choi MO Bai. He continuously urges her to return to racing, believing her design skill cannot be buried. She slowly gets influenced by Chen Mo Bai’s enthusiasm and love for racing and enters the racing world again.

The audience will indeed connect with the emotions she portrayed in the drama. She loves racing, grief for his brother’s death, falling in love with Choi Mo Bai, and many more.

Sunny and enthusiastic male lead

 4 Reasons You Must Watch Sports- Romance C-Drama "We Go Fast On Trust."

Conversely, our male lead, Choi Mo Bai, is passionate and steady about his racing career. Choi faced much criticism and skepticism from those around him. Then, he meets Shin Xi, finds her hidden talent, and urges her to join his engineering race team. But once he came to know about her brother’s death in a car crash, Choi stopped her from pursuing her further. Shin Xi’s brother Shan Chuan is Choi Mo Bai’s idol and mentor.

Choi also carries a childhood trauma, when he lost his mother in a car accident. Despite having a past like this, Choi Mo Bai never gave up his dream of becoming a racing car driver. His positive energy and enthusiasm become the source of sunshine for everyone around him.

From playing supporting roles in “The Oath of Love” and “The World Owes Me a First Love,” we will now portray the main lead as Choi Mo Bai.”

He showcases his impressive range of acting skills. He brings life to the character he is playing, Choi Mo Bai.

Romance that goes beyond the initial spark of attraction

 4 Reasons You Must Watch Sports- Romance C-Drama "We Go Fast On Trust."

Not every fantasy needs a physical attachment to demonstrate love. The slow romance between Shin Xi and Choi Mo Bai reveals the secrets of real romance dramas. Viewers will enjoy seeing the friendly male lead fall in love with a girl who is shy and introverted. They shared a common dream for a racing career despite having different personalities.

Choi Mo Bai loves Shin Xi and brings her back to everyday life from the darkness of her past.

Together, they helped each other fulfill their dream of racing car drivers. Despite an age gap of 13 years between Alice Ke and Zhai Zi Lu, they both showcased a seamless chemistry on screen in “We Go Fast On Trust.”

James Lee’s first appearance on acting screen

 4 Reasons You Must Watch Sports- Romance C-Drama "We Go Fast On Trust."

James Lee was formerly a member of the Korean rock band Royal Pirates member, debuting his acting career.

 In the drama “We Go Fast On Trust,” he will play the role of Lin Shao Qin, an excellent racer from the German team Marcus. He shared a deep connection with Shin Xi’s brother, Shin Chaun. He secretly starts loving Shin Xi and always supports and wishes her happiness.

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